Project Terms, Conditions, Agreement & Warranties : Seamless Eavestrough/Country Estate Fence offers a two-year workmanship on all decks we build and five-year structural guarantee. Many of the materials we use are backed by their own warranties as well. 

Guarantee and Warranty Claim Policy:

 ● All follow up maintenance must have been followed properly by the homeowner as recommended by manufacturers after installation by Seamless Eavestrough / Country Estate Fence. It is recommended that Pressure Treated wood decks be properly protected by a sealer after install when the lumber dries out with an exterior semi-transparent sealant designed for pressure treated wood. Solid color stains tend to peel and flake as wood contracts and expands. Sealing decks will not eliminate the natural characteristics of wood such as cracking, rotting, splitting but might reduce the amount of the natural wood breakdowns. 

● This warranty is effective only upon payment in full by the customer per the payment schedule. The warranty will only be honored to those accounts which have been paid in full and per contract agreement. Payments not received per the contract amount may not only void the warranty, but will also result in a late fee outlined on proposal/invoice. 

● Non-payments or not paying the full balance within (30) days then Seamless Eavestrough / Country Estate Fence will add an additional late fee of an additional 1.5% (18% APR) and may take less than desirable action against the client to pursue payment via means of a lien on the property and client will be financially responsible for legal fees to collect such payments. 

● The original client/homeowner must be the one making the claim. The warranty is non-transferable. 

● Timeliness of any warranty work performed shall be at the discretion of the contractor, (typically 2-3 weeks). Typically, we like to address issues as soon as possible or on the soonest rain day available but we do have to schedule the work around current schedule so we do ask for flexibility. 

● Claims must be submitted in writing form via email format to [email protected] and accompanied by at least three to six photos of the problem area(s). Close up pictures and pictures from a distance helps tremendously. Pictures help our crew know what to bring with them to resolve issue(s). 

● Once Seamless Eavestrough / Country Estate Fence has been notified by a client, we will review the claim and help come up with a solution and then it can be scheduled to be addressed. 

● When a project is completed and if an issue or concern arises please contact our office and NOT directly to the project foreman. They are typically on other job sites working and we do not want them to forget to notify the office to actually schedule it. Our office is better equipped to schedule these items. Processes are very important to helping better serve our clients. 


● Normal wear and tear on the deck or excessive traffic and abnormal weight not specifically stated prior to start of the project such as a hot tub being placed on deck without prior consultation with Seamless Eavestrough / Country Estate Fence. Hot Tubs on decks are not recommended. 

● Scratches or scuff marks on composite decks can happen. If they are surface scuffs they will fade away or we can use a heat gun to remove surface scuffs. 

● DIY (do it yourself) options are not covered under any guarantee/warranty policies: this includes but not limited to projects started but not completed by Seamless Eavestrough / Country Estate Fence or projects finished but not started by Seamless Eavestrough / Country Estate Fence 

● Any work or alterations completed by the client after completion of project such as negligent maintenance or additions/alterations that have been made to the original deck without proper consultation. Any alterations made by client or other outside contractors will result in cancellation of any guarantees or warranties. 

● Unfortunate natural occurrences such as storm damage, flooding or other acts of God, vandalism, animal, flying debris, winds exceeding 60 MPH, hail or fire damage are not covered under our warranty. 

● Cracking, cupping, warping, fading, bowing, twisting, shrinking, rotting, and splitting of wood, discoloration, or natural appearances such as knots on any pressure treated wood members are natural characteristics. Please remember that we use the best pressure treated lumber and decking we have access to locally but wood was once a living breathing creature. We do not remove stamps from the mill. They will naturally fade away over time. Surface vertical splitting especially on wood posts is very normal with treated wood and is not covered under warranty. This does not jeopardize the structural integrity and is very common. It is very common for mitre cuts on decking to separate due to contraction and expansion of material. Wood shrinks and Composite/PVC contracts and expands with temperature. Unfortunately, it is the nature of the products and we have no control over this. ● Pressure treated supports posts unfortunately can warp sometimes and in the unlikely event this happens we do have to charge a fee to replace as we have no control over this. 

● It is important that you keep dirt mounded away from the deck support posts to divert water away. Overtime soil can settle around the posts and this would be considered regular maintenance. We do use ground contact lumber for longevity. 

● Rusting of framing hardware can happen over time and replacing hardware is considered proper maintenance of a deck. We recommend having us or a certified pro deck builder inspect your deck after every 5 years. We do offer deck inspection services for a minimal fee. 

● With composite decks, waviness of decking can occur as the framing is still typically wood and the lumber dries out. “Low E” from window reflections can cause decking to warp between joists due to extreme heat. 

● We do not warranty the products itself but the products we use have their own manufacture warranties and we do our research and only offer the best products out on the market. In the event of a material defect after install, the homeowner is responsible for making a claim to the manufacturer. We can also assist with any claims as needed. If the products do not have a labour warranty associated then we may need to charge labour cost for product replacement. Prior to installation Seamless Eavestrough / Country Estate Fence will handle but could cause delays in getting new materials on site. 

● All project plans are nominal measurements. Field and on site adjustment may need to be made. Our installers are trained to build in manners that allow us to use best practices. 

● If projects have engineering/architect plans Seamless Eavestrough / Country Estate Fence is not responsible for any failures due to design or building techniques as the engineer/architect would be responsible for the design. 

● Settling support posts or heaving are not covered under warranty. The ground is prepared using best practices. In the very rare event this happens, we can repair or replace but there would be additional costs. 

● Under deck drainage systems are not 100% watertight systems. Under deck drainage systems are a water diversion system to help create a drier space below your deck. Major leaks are covered under warranty but minimal drips are common. Under Deck systems that are installed below deck joists may trap moisture and limit air flow and cause rot faster than a system without a ceiling system. The best systems are the Trex RainEscape systems or DekDrain that go over top of the joists before the decking is installed. Even though no system is 100% watertight we recommend a PVC or aluminum finished ceiling for longevity as long as the top of the joists are protected and keeping water out. Painting your joists and going for the exposed rafter look will also be a good way to ensure longevity of your deck. 


● Seamless Eavestrough / Country Estate Fence will cover all materials and labor required to correct any defect in workmanship that is covered under this warranty if the work was due to improper installation. If wood has been stained and a warranty claim is to be requested, Seamless Eavestrough / Country Estate Fence does not do any staining of the new materials. 

● Seamless Eavestrough / Country Estate Fence will replace any deck components that are proven to be defective due to workmanship only. We do not guarantee any materials but can assist in helping with contacting manufacturers and providing proof of purchase if required. We have quite a bit of leverage with the manufactures and will help out anytime for our clients. 

Responsibilities / Project Terms and Conditions: 

● Seamless Eavestrough / Country Estate Fence will comply with all local and provincial building code requirements and always recommend obtaining the proper permits prior to the start of projects. All work is to be built to or above current code requirements. Codes do change so will be installed per OBC code requirements at the time. We have no way to anticipate future building codes but do build using the best techniques we know that separates us from the rest. 

● Retainer deposits are non- refundable, (typically takes care of permit processes and design fees). If you need to cancel your project or need to reschedule your project for a later date please notify us 30 days prior. 

● If we are requested by the client to build in a manner that we do not recommend or is not to current code standards, that scope of work will not be covered under workmanship guarantee. 

● During construction, due to heavy foot traffic or small equipment, there may be minimal damage caused to your lawn. Turf repair is NOT included in the price and will be subject to a change order or additional costs if repair is requested. We do take precautions to ensure your property is protected. We are homeowners so we respect your property as our own. 

● We do ask that before the project begins that you move all outdoor furniture or any other items in the construction zone, out of the area that our crew will be working in so that the items do not get damaged during construction. If there is any reason why you are not able to move an item please notify your project manager, foreman or office ahead of time and we can help make arrangements to ensure this is completed safely. We are not responsible for damages to any items such as furniture, grills, pots, if we help move away from the working area. 

● Seamless Eavestrough / Country Estate Fence is responsible for calling local utilities prior to digging and is required by law. Seamless Eavestrough / Country Estate Fence will obtain utility markings prior to the start of the project. Typically 3-6 days prior to the start of the project someone from the utility locating service company will be stopping by unannounced. Seamless Eavestrough / Country Estate Fence will not be responsible for privately installed utilities, buried downspouts, electric run out into yard, sprinkler systems not marked by the utility company. Homeowners are to have all privately installed lines or drainage marked prior to start. Costs for repairing or moving a line are not in the scope of the project. 

● In the event a utility line such as cable, telephone, water line or gas is cut after they have been marked properly by the utility company, Seamless Eavestrough / Country Estate Fence will notify the proper utility agency right away and schedule the repair as soon as possible. Seamless Eavestrough / Country Estate Fence will accept no additional responsibility other than the repair cost. Additional charges may apply if repairs are needed or delays caused by severed cables/piping that has not been clearly identified prior to start. 

● Seamless Eavestrough / Country Estate Fence is not liable for damages caused by delivery trucks. They are not our employees and we can’t control outside contractors. Outside contractors often consist of material delivery drivers, electricians, plumbers, dumpster deliveries and landscapers etc. If you would like us not to use the driveway we need to know in advance and additional charges could apply if it creates additional work getting materials to the back yard. 

● Seamless Eavestrough / Country Estate Fence works with a team of in-house employee installers and independent contractors. Our installers are highly recruited and we go after the best talent around. Moonlighting or asking our installers for additional work for a tip or cash on the side is strictly prohibited. Our installers are not for hire other than the work assigned to the project scope. If any of our installers offer any “side work” from our clients please notify us. We will keep it confidential. Often our installers get offered tips especially around the holidays from happy clients, while we do allow this, we as a company give our installers a bonus for 3 positive online Google reviews, so an online review may be a great way to give a tip that doesn’t cost the homeowner anything extra after investing in such a large project. 

● If Seamless Eavestrough / Country Estate Fence has a returned check from the client that will result in a $25.00 fee charged to the home owner and a cash payment may be requested if any future payments are to be made. 

● The warranty DOES cover things such as loose connections, improper installation per manufacturer, install instructions, missing hardware, missing screws, faulty cuts, defects caused during installation and any problems that you may have resulting from our workmanship.